• Need an outside perspective from a Senior Executive in Operations and Quality Management to improve your “Order to Delivery” process chain?
  • Require Lean Management capacity to optimize your production processes?
  • Looking for temporary, specialized expertise in Operations or Quality Management?
  • Need temporary Change Management capacity?
  • Seeking a consultant and implementer for the strategic development of international production networks?

The increasing competitive pressure from globalization and resource scarcity in a highly volatile environment necessitates continuous process and organizational adjustments to secure competitiveness.

Based on my professional and international management expertise, I have strategically and operationally realigned and strengthened various production sites and networks over the last 30 years, proven to enhance their profitability. I always consider the entire “Order to Delivery” chain from a Lean Management perspective to realize agile production structures. My broad expertise covers a wide range of technologies, from Metal, Plastic, and Textile processing to Surface technology and Assembly.

As a Quality Manager and Auditor, quality-related issues are always considered.

My extensive expertise and experience allow me to provide you with immediate substantial value in process optimization in your company.